Gift Vouchers Ware

Gift Vouchers can make the perfect gift for friends or Loved ones! Contact us today to find out more!

HI-FU Gift Vouchers Ware

Since HI-FU has become popular, the company is delighted to announce that it will be providing gift vouchers. These gifts will be perfect for family members or friends who are willing to have treatment, but they are not in the position to afford it. You can provide your loved one with the gift of self-confidence by buying a gift voucher now.

The Procedure of Purchasing HI-FU Gift Voucher

For individuals who are willing to buy a gift voucher for their loved one, there are two ways of doing it and you should understand all the rules and regulations before purchasing the gift.

Purchasing Over the Phone

You can call or send a text message to purchase a Gift Voucher. By giving us a call our professionals will be ready to help you in the selection of the best gift and will offer you a realistic idea of the amount of cash you should spend. There are different types of treatment areas offered at HI-FU and it will be beneficial to seek help from one of our staff members. After purchasing the gift Voucher, it will be sent to you or whoever you wish us to send to.

Terms and Conditions

You should remember to discuss the charges with one of our staff members when you make a call.
  • They must be presented at the appointment by the owner. You should inform the voucher holder that they need to present it and mention it when booking the appointment.
  • You can use the vouchers to fully or partially pay for the treatments depending on their value.
  • You can use the voucher value when booking deposit if it applies to your treatment.
  • Please ask the person who the voucher is for to give a minimum of 72 hour’s notice if they need to cancel their booked appointment
  • If the process of booking is not terminated the voucher will be invalid.
  • If you are purchasing the voucher for family members or friends, ensure they understand the entire process and should come with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • When buying the voucher for someone you should check the minimum and maximum age for treatment since it can be invalid.
  • The holder must know its expiry date